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Mat Lane

Mat Lane



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Hi, Mat and Jon here. We've been friends for over 30 years and have come together to run for this fantastic cause. We just wanted to take a minute to explain why we are running for World Child Cancer. Or hobbling, as the case may be!

Over 300,000 children worldwide develop cancer each year and last year, Mat's daughter was one of them.  

In instances like hers, where the illness is detected early enough, many of these children can be cured - as many as 80% of children with cancer in the developed world survive. In the UK, we are incredibly fortunate to have the National Health Service which provides incredible care free of charge. However, in developing countries where they don't have access to such amazing healthcare, survival rates can be as low as 10%. In addition, many children are dying without effective pain relief. 

World Child Cancer believes inequality in cancer treatment should not exist and that every child, regardless of where they live, should receive the very best possible treatment and care and be able to realise their ambitions and dreams. They currently support children with cancer in Africa, Asia and Central America and support a collaborative Wilms' tumour project in sub-Saharan Africa.

Below is a guide to show you the huge difference your generous donation will make:

£10 could pay for a week’s worth of pain relief medication for four children
£25 could fund accurate diagnosis for 10 children
£50 could pay for life-saving chemotherapy for one child
£150 could pay for a play worker for six months
£500 could fund the treatment of a child with Burkitt's lymphoma 

Whether or not a child survives cancer should not be a postcode lottery.... and that's why we're running. 

All the best. Mat and Jon