World Child Cancer
Anna Katharina Feige

Anna Katharina Feige

Anna Katharina Feige runs the HASPA Marathon Hamburg and TCS NYC Marathon 2020 for World Child Cancer



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When I’m asked why I run, I always answer that it frees mind, body and soul. When I’m asked why I run marathons, I always answer that there’s nothing more incredible than pushing your body beyond its limits. When I’m asked why I run for World Child Cancer, I always answer that there is nothing more precious in this world than the smile of a child!

World Child Cancer is a global charity supporting those most desperate in need of help because the systems that work so well in some countries are simply non-existent in others. World Child Cancer provides treatment to children with cancer, offers care after their hospital stays and aides the families so that they may be with their child. Furthermore, World Child Cancer focuses on training for doctors and nurses in some of the world’s poorest countries.

It is a priviledge for me to support their efforts by doing what I love and a bit more by investing time, effort and sweat for their cause every time I take on the insanity that is running 42.2k in one go ;-)

I started to run merely because I wanted to know if I can do it. In 2018, I watched two inspiring women finish the Virgin Money London Marathon for World Child Cancer and was inspired to try it myself. At the beginning, my only goal was to run a half-marathon ... maybe ... one day. After eight weeks of running, I completed this goal. Right, so what now? I moved to another city and learned that one day in spring each year it is turned upside down when 10,000 runners claim the streets as theirs. So half a year after my feet started to beat the pavement, I sat down on a whim and registered for my first full marathon which I ran and finished wearing the World Child Cancer shirt on 28 April 2019 after only one year of training. I was meant to run only the Edinburgh Half-Marathon officially in support of this charity four weeks later, but what can I say!? I’ve always enjoyed a challenge ;-)

For 2020, I decided to pick up from where I left off, go beyond and run two full marathons for children in need: again the HASPA Marathon Hamburg on 19 April 2020 and the TCS NYC Marathon on 01 November 2020. I’ll finish both, no doubt about that, but I’ll moreover give it my best to reach two new PBs and spread the word about this fantastic charity!


Thank you very much for reading my story, listening with all your heart and supporting my training and official races with your donations to this, my World Child Cancer fundraising page!!!

Much love, Anna

P.S. After about 1 1/2 years, I now run because I absolutely love it *g*